Almette x The Village

Raise awareness of Almette curd cheese as a light and healthy product during the holidays.


Together with Almette, we have compiled recipes for delicious and healthy sweets that will not harm the figure, and published them in The Village. It turned out 5 dishes that can be prepared not only for the holidays, but also for every day. Among them: sugar-free cheesecake, cottage cheese casserole, pumpkin pie with cheese cream, bruschetta with apple and thyme, cream candies.


- The audience coverage in social networks was more than 3 million users

- The number of users on the project exceeded 23,000 people, which is 60% higher than the original forecast

- The coverage of Post + Stories announcements on Instagram @villagemsk - 875 928

- Total coverage in other social media The Village 58 122

- Planned KPIs for the project were exceeded in 4 days of the project

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