ASICS Running Walk of Fame

To develop a creative campaign that will help find and collect a base of the most loyal fans of the brand throughout Russia and create a "core" of communication for future ASICS campaigns.


Every runner knows that even the top running shoes have a limited resource. After running about a thousand kilometers, the shoes begin to lose their properties, directing the runner to the store for a new pair.

And the old one is forced to go to the trash, even if outwardly looks good. We remembered that in Russia people do not like to throw things away in two cases: if they are of high quality and if something connects them with them.
These simple arguments allowed us to assume that hundreds of their previous ASICS pairs are stored in the bins of our homeland runners, having passed with them through fire, water and wet feet, and to launch the "Walk of Fame ASICS Running Shoes" campaign.
Users went to the site, uploaded a photo of their sneakers, told their story, and shared the post on social media. 29 of the best stories got to the stand of the Walk of Fame at the most massive race in Russia - the Moscow Marathon.


- The project website was visited by 31 795 people in 2 weeks
- 20% of visitors returned to the site at least one more time
- We received 500 unique stories from 148 cities in Russia.
- In total, all sneakers participating in the project ran 408,486,000 meters