Let's save forests together

We wanted to draw user attention to responsible consumption. After all, responsible selection of raw materials, production, consumption and processing translates into awareness of nature, its resources and our future.


It's not a secret that Zewa products are very soft, but few consumers knows that at each stage of production the company adheres to various principles of sustainability to keep the environment safe. This is what the FSC* marking on all brand products tells us.


Besides, we needed to convey to consumers the essence of responsible consumption promoted by Pyaterochka in all its stores.


The FSC is an organisation aimed at promotion of responsible forest management worldwide.


We all love quizzes, games and quests since school years. We also love promotions, sales and discounts.


What if we combine all this and give users the opportunity to fulfil a task and win coupons for a discount on basic necessities, while learning about the sustainability principles of the Zewa company?


We took users on a journey through the quest on a special website. The quest consisted of a series of videos showing the entire cycle of production and consumption of products – from the selection of raw materials to the end consumer.


The videos were accompanied by additional information to clearly demonstrate the importance of implementing sustainability mechanisms at all stages of production. After each videos users were asked to answer a question. If the answer was correct, they received a discount of up to 50% on Zewa products in all Pyaterochka stores. By sharing the project on their profile in social media networks, users enrolled in a raffle for a year's supply of Zewa products


Total advertising volume in digital channels – 35+ mln

Total number of site visits 1 month – 160k+

The share the target audience reached through the channels – 51%


CV1 = 76%

Percentage of users who have started the quiz

CV2 = 56%

Percentage of users who watched all 4 videos

CV3 = 38%

Percentage of users who provided their contact information

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