Your data does not belong here

Draw the attention of a young audience to the issue of personal data protection


Social networks are where we most often share our private data left and right. Is free. And okay, we would only share them with the social networks themselves, which will then show us targeted ads, but no, we just share information about where we live, who we work, what food we eat and when we are at home, with all honest people. And dishonest too. So the privacy settings in social networks should be taken care of first.


We exaggerated this situation and posted "your data" that you don't care about on the web for everyone to see.
Even where they definitely don't belong. Indeed, in fact, this is how it is, finding out your name, date of birth, where you live and when your apartment is empty (because everyone saw that you are on vacation) is very simple! Your data is available to everyone.


- We have placed spreads of documents on banners throughout Moscow and the entire Internet

- More than 30 influencers talked about the danger of negligence in protecting personal data, and also shared real stories about how they and their acquaintances got into unpleasant situations due to personal information available on the Internet

- Integration into the CommentOut show, in which Sasha Gudkov, appearing in the guise of an instasam, retells the story of instasamka 

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