Almette Culinary

Update the positioning of Almette curd cheese in social networks, attract adherents of healthy eating, expand and rejuvenate the audience. Introduce new content formats that meet the needs of the target audience and reflect brand values.


We completely renewed the visual style of the brand on social networks and developed a new concept, the main ideas of which were: naturalness, lightness, sincerity and honesty. These are the associations a customer should have when he sees a jar of Almette on the counter.

To broadcast our ideas, we involved modern food photographers and chefs, opinion leaders and nutritional experts in the creation of the project. Within the framework of the project, we work in several directions:

- content creation and support for social networks
- implementation of the promotion strategy
- conducting live broadcasts with bloggers and famous chefs
- development of a new youtube show format about conscious consumption and modern recipes and food culture.
- development of special projects and competitive mechanics


+ 542% - this is how much the coverage of subscribers in social networks increased after the implementation of the new strategy.

February 1 - April 15 - 1,340,512
April 15 - June 30 - 7,272,007

+ 438% - this is how much the growth dynamics of the community audience increased in the first months of the project.

February 1 - April 15 - 3 702
April 15 - June 30 - 16,221

+ 169% - so many more reactions were left by followers on the brand's social networks.