Quest "Сase Z"

An annual promotional campaign from Zewa aimed at increasing sales of the company's products


Together with Zewa and Magnet, we have joined our forces in the fight to save ourselves from boredom and have created an online detective quest "Case Z". The game consists of five levels, each of them helps to increase the discount by 10% on Zewa products. If the player, after completing the quest, made a repost to his sites on social networks, he received the maximum discount of 70% and could participate in the drawing of a coupon for 3000 rubles.



Nikita Labutin — head of the creative group

Alena Sidorova — director of customer happiness

Ablai Rakhimbekov — art director

Ekaterina Venediktova — screenwriter-game engineer

Ekaterina Viktorova — illustrator

Anton Vasiliev — project manager

Alexey Mochalov — creative director

Alexey Berlov — Managing Partner


– In the first 3 days of the application, 12 thousand people have passed the game 

–  Targeted advertising had to be turned off 5 hours after the start of the campaign, as the number of people willing to participate was much higher than the expected level

–  The average RR for such promotions is usually 2.2-2.5%, after 5 days we had 12.5%, and now RR is 25%

–  After the quest, players had overfilled trunks with Zewa products