- increase in the number of regular customers of the brand
- expansion of the brand loyalty club by representatives of the target audience
- increasing the loyalty of current club members.


Every New Year we wish each other the same thing: happiness, health, love. And when traveling the world, we experience a much wider range of unique emotions.

So different, and at the same time familiar to everyone. For such emotions in different countries even came up with special words.

Together with S7 Airlines, we decided to fight trivial wishes and launched Wishliner (in Russian Version ''Pozheleiner''), a configurator of non-trivial wishes.

Each wish is based on words from different languages ​​of the world denoting complex but familiar emotions. The user only needs to mix simple emotions, and the system will create an unusual congratulation for him.


- a library of 81 foreign words meaning various emotions and have no equivalents in other languages, was collected thanks to research by Tim Lomas, an employee of the University of East London
- the special project was deployed to the federal level and our wishes were branded aircraft, printed materials and check-in counters at airports
- 6 million miles declared at the start of the project were distributed among users in the first 72 hours
- 90,000 New Year wishes, of which 30,000 were posted on social networks
- 150,000 people connected the desired emotions by configuring a wish for the next year