Increasing brand awareness in digital channels


Analyzing the brand's activity over the past 10 years, we came across news that stated that S7 Group was actively thinking about the topic of space tourism.

After a little research, we figured out the problem of cosmic proportions - ALL SUITS ARE THE SAME! Space tourists in the near future will simply confuse each other.

And we came up with a space project - a spacesuit configurator with different looks. The user could choose an image consisting of several parts: helmet, body, legs and background.

S7 Airlines itself has been integrated in the form of a rocket in the background, which is about to set off on its space journey.


- 0 rubles was spent on advertising and promotion of the special project
- 7509 postcards were created using space landing page
- 49 729 people visited the space landing page in 8 days of the project
- 90% were unique views
- 5.5 minutes (330 seconds) - average duration of a site visit

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