Defender #БезПереплат

MegaFon is a sponsor of FC Zenit. Based on the study, with almost 100% brand knowledge, only 60% of people are satisfied with the brand, and even less are considered as a potential operator. In this regard, it was decided to promote the “No Overpayments” tariff through fan communities, in which the audience is strongly involved in the activities offered by the football club.


We created our own VKontakte game, posted on the football club's page, thanks to which Megafon customers and potential users could win special prizes from Zenit.


The essence of the game is that the participant plays the role of a goalkeeper, not letting unnecessary subscriptions and overpayments through the gate. Throughout the game, its speed is constantly increasing.


Campaign coverage - 725,000

Number of transitions - 4 146

Number of participants (players) - 1 854