Kaspersky Who Calls

According to Kaspersky Who Calls*, almost two-thirds (63%) of all incoming calls from unknown numbers received by Russian users in 2020 were spam. 


Kaspersky Lab offers Kaspersky Who Calls – a solution to protect against telephone spam and fraud. 


The agency's task is to make a bright, perhaps bold, memorable creative product, that people will talk about.


*Data obtained using anonymised statistics from the Kaspersky Who Calls app for January–September 2020.


Obvious fact about scammers: even if phone scammers couldn't steal anything from you during a conversation, they still stole your time.


And how do you feel when that happens?


Stress from the very first second. You get nervous, angry, swearing. And the more time it takes, the more nerve cells you waste.


Kaspersky Who Calls is designed to save people from unnecessary stress. Simply by depriving the annoying callers of the opportunity to get to you. You can no longer be distracted and put out of temper. You know how to identify what is really important!


As part of this task, we decided to create a series of videos with relatable characters: a passionate gamer, a loving mother cooking for her daughter, and a girl practising yoga.


We introduce the viewer to the situation of our characters and watch them from a distance. They are focused on what they do, on what they like. It's impossible to distract them. They easily turn down all unwanted calls without even making an effort. Thanks to the Kaspersky Who Calls app.


Kaspersky Who Calls helps to identify what is really important!