Brain Ping

System administrators are the most systematic of all administrators. They know where a desktop icon disappear to or how to set up a printer. But few know that when it comes to workplace software, system administrators are the real decision-makers. Kaspersky Lab understands this very well, and appreciates, cares for and cherishes them.


Our agency was tasked with bolstering sales of Kaspersky Lab products for small and medium-sized businesses and creating a brand-loyal sysadmin community.


Besides, the project was to strengthen the brand's reputation and encourage system administrators to purchase and renew Kaspersky Lab products.



System administrators have an enormous volume of technical knowledge. They can solve the most difficult tasks, but most often their work boring, ranging from refilling printers to resetting passwords and restarting routers. 


"Every day is like Groundhog Day – all I do is solve dozens of routine tasks, and I would love to rack my brain on something interesting," says system administrator Gennady. 


We are Kaspersky Lab. We know how to relieve your mundanity. We will take care of information security problems and give you time to prove to yourself and the entire community how cool you are!


Have you heard about the Cicada 3301 project? Allegedly some secret organisation of developers gathers the greatest minds from all over the world... But we know where the greatest minds are hiding...


We conceived the Brain Ping loyalty program in a similar vein – a chain of logical tasks and the creation of a community uniting the smartest system administrators. Administrators who choose Kaspersky Lab software.


Brain Ping is a team that will keep your brain from drying out from the daily grind. Ping your brain!


In collaboration with IT experts we have created a hundred of challenging tasks for the best system administrators. Solving them is rewarded with loyalty points used to exchange for valuable prizes. Participants can also receive point registering Kaspersky Lab software activation codes.


The site is designed in the 'old Windows' style, which has been familiar to our target audience since a young age. We have fully recreated the interactivity of the windows on the site, and participants can interact with the icons on the 'Desktop'. Each icon represents a separate window – essentially a website page.


In addition, we created a special 'Hot Line' chat-bot allowing participants to channel all their anger from stupid questions from colleagues and clients and mundane tasks. The bot listens to the 'poor fellow' then gives them emotional cash-back in the form of loyalty points. The more negative the words, the higher the score.

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