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The agency had the ambitious challenge of presenting Kaspersky Lab not so much as the cybersecurity expert, but as a company dedicated to supporting small businesses. We had to convey to the audience that Kaspersky Labs is not only an antivirus developer, but also a socially responsible enterprise that has both the urge and resources to help small businesses.


Small businesses are always looking for improvements. They have to boost themselves up, to become better, bigger and more efficient. Especially in the current market situation. 


We also know that securing the future of your company is all about long-term planning — and the goals you set for it. But where to get the necessary experience and tools? Who can properly boost my business? How to activate its successful future?


Together with Kaspersky Lab, we will tell you how to achieve your goals and what tools to use.


We coauthored a YouTube show in the format business reality series, in which a team of experts provided entrepreneurs with advice and money – 500,000 rubles.


Invited experts:Alexander Korovin– entrepreneur, co-founder of Russia's largest cleaning service; Oksana Selendeeva – Sberbank's ex-top marketer and founder of CODDY programming school; Diana Kodoeva – ex-top manager at Gett, developed a unique approach to customer experience management; Sergey Novikov – deputy head of the Kaspersky Lab threat research center.


Each episode follows heated discussions, arguments, detailed suggestions of digital tools, and even real "roasting" of the participants and their businesses. All this was done with one goal in mind – to find new points of growth, as well as opportunities to realise the entrepreneurs' goals and ambitions.


We selected businesses that are important and significant for the region and will help shape its future. We helped entrepreneurs who do not want to stop, who are already making plans and strive to bring them to life!


– 108 applications from entrepreneurs from all over the country

– 1.5+ mln views of the project's episodes on YouTube

– 53+ mln impressions, 240k+ clicks throughout the campaign


In almost 5 months we conducted a tiered selection of candidate projects to participate in the show and boosted 4 businesses in 4 different cities. Filming took place in Yekaterinburg, Belgorod, Tambov and Moscow. Already in the middle of the project it became clear that the participants have interesting results worth mentioning. 

Wait for more stories about our entrepreneurs, as we plan to reveal what they have improved after the boosting, how their business has changed and even their lives.


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